Pottery over time in Ohio: a) Grit tempered Early Woodland Leimbach Series rim sherd – Northern Ohio, b) Grit tempered Early Woodland pottery from the Stanhope site – South Central Ohio, c) Grit tempered Middle Woodland McGraw Series rim sherd, d) Limestone tempered Late Woodland Peter’s Cordmarked series rim sherd.

Illustrations of the five Clovis artifacts from the JFC site: a fluted projectile point base (top row, left); a biface tip (top row, right); a large flake (second row); a biface mid-section (third row); and a preform base with fluting “nipple” (bottom row).

Examples of unbroken (left column) and broken (right column) points from Blain Village, Ohio. For scale reference, upper left point is 3.44 cm in length.

Kentucky points_v2
Kentucky artifacts

Guernsey County Point

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